Sunday I was blessed to spend the day in a dialogue about identity in a workshop hosted by the Clark U Office of Diversity and Inclusion as well as Harvard Graduate School of Education. The workshop was centered on what makes up our multiple identities, and how that shows up in the way we navigate the world and our interpersonal relationships.

This was a powerful day. Although a topic I think and reflect on frequently, I still left with some new shifts and perspectives

Some questions that we discussed, and I encourage you to reflect on:

1.       Identities you think about most often

2.       Identities you think about least often

3.       Your own identities you would like to learn more about

4.       Identities that you have the strongest effect on how you see yourself as a person

Some thoughts throughout the day:

·         This Idea with connecting with the identity that we connect least with—why does attention shift from this identity?

·         How many of us, have layers/identities that feel misunderstood. 

·         Our parents/families/loved ones gave us a lot of identities, or meaning of identities—some of these are true. Some we need to re-evaluate. You write the script, don’t give anyone else that power.

·         Acknowledging yes, I am this, that, and the other thing. But yes I am a human. And so are you. We can make it so deep, but we can also make it so simple.

Gentle reminders:

Allow space to let yourself be.

We are continually unfolding, evolving—and yes it scary but it is also DOPE AF. Growth is the whole point of everything.

My goal this week is focusing on the balance of accepting where I am and exploring where I want to be.  Reminding myself to breathe into discomfort, to see it as growth, but also slowing down and finding power in stillness.

Wishing you all a beautiful week! Make time for whatever you need.