UPRGRADE YO SHOWER...for less than $4! 

I strive to add bliss and serenity into my everyday life in any way that I can, even if that just means adding a $4 plant to my shower. 


As we move into cold + flu season, this is great way to get the benefits of eucalyptus with basically no effort-just take a shower..!

Eucalyptus benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Helps treat respiratory problems ( cold, cough, runny nose, congestion)
  • Anti-bacterial-wet showers are a good spot for it
  • Cooling, refreshing, stimulating, helps with mental clarity
  • Looks beautiful and smells amazing!


Just hang fresh eucalyptus on your shower head with a rubber band. The heat and steam help to activate the essential oils while you shower. 

We picked up this bundle at @thedailytable but any grocery store / plant store should have them. Enjoy! #wellnesswednesday