New month, WHO DIS? Setting Monthly Intentions !

Let [yourself] look back on life with the question: what have you truly loved up to now, what has elevated your soul, and what has mastered it and at the same time delighted it?
— Friedrich Nietzsche

I started doing monthly intentions last May and it amazes me how much of an influence it has on me. I love reevaluating and re-aligning my focuses every month.

These intentions are in different areas of my life such as:

  • nutrition + body
  • mental/emotional health
  • spiritual growth
  • my home
  • my relationships
  • my career

I am sharing this months intentions in the hopes that it will encourage you to take some time to invest in yourself and how you can work towards the best version of you 🙌🏾 . Plus the power of manifesting is real talk, give it a sincere chance if you have not yet. Good things are coming!

Tumeric latte, tulips, and a crystal from one my favorite places in CO, little gems are citrine which help encourage enlightenment, optimism, warmth, and clarity. 

Tumeric latte, tulips, and a crystal from one my favorite places in CO, little gems are citrine which help encourage enlightenment, optimism, warmth, and clarity. 

This month I intend to focus on doing more good deeds: so helping others where I can and sharing gratitude to those who help me. Very simple! Sharing your time, and a handwritten thank you notes can go such a long way. Let this be a friendly reminder. 

More reading:  Last month I read two books so I figured I would up the ante and make it 3 for Feb.  

I read Just Mercy by Bryan Stevens which has been called NY Times best book of the year and I  could not agree more.  Against tremendous odds, Stevenson has worked to free scores of people from wrongful or excessive punishment, arguing five times before the Supreme Court. The book not only shares intimate and compelling stories but it also reads like a call to action for all that remains to be done. Second book was Electric Arches by Eva Wig. An incredible relatable and moving book of poetry that reminded me of my black girl magic. Read more here

I am currently reading Things That Join the Sea and Sky: Field Notes on Living by Mark Nepo. Very spiritual and some passages, have me down right shoooooooook. Looking forward to sharing some quotes throughout the month.

More love:  so spending downtime with my loved ones.  I love to cook and I love to eat, so I want to make time to feed some of my favorite people who put up with me incessantly. Dinner party makes the most sense.

More Water: this is such a damn struggle for real, for real. I get into good waves and then slip and turn into a dehydrated raison some days. I am using some bullet journal tracking this month to really keep me accountable.

More Life: Some days it can be tough for me to fit my greens in so I wanted to incorporate chlorophyll to combat that about 2-3x a week. Chlorophyll is considered a superfood because of its strong antioxidant and anticancer effects as well.

Trying something new: Last month I tried a pottery class--and it was so much fun! I was reminded the importance of making time to try new things, so you might see this intention repeat. This month i am thinking of a dance class. Will report back!

Already looking forward to my weekend plans which include a girl date and hanging out with my chocolate meatball aka my adorable perfect nephew angel.  

What are your monthly intentions? How are you working towards happiness?