Travel is one of the things I am most proud of this year. I truly made time to pause, to explore, and to simply enjoy. I was very blessed to go to Europe twice this year and explore Barcelona, Paris, plus Mykonos + the Santorini Greek Islands. Here is a photo journal of my time there. Enjoy!

Paris Highlights

Louvre-#APESHIT. You need to go. We went on a Sunday, only waited for about 10 min to get in and got to see the Mona Lisa. One of the most underwhelming things to see in person but luckily there 4 million other exhibits will definitely keep you satisfied.

Eiffel Tower - cliche? sure. But it is really something to see this piece of architecture in person, let alone at night!

Seine River Cruise - Beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower and Note Dame from the river, especially at night. The bridges are stunning and full of rich history.

Des Gâteaux et du Pain- One of the city’s only female pâtissiers, Claire Damon is doing the damn thing and I have missed her buttery croissants since the moment I left. 

LaDuree Macaroons-beautiful and delicious. I couldn’t even bring myself to throw away the box .

Museum of Perfume—SO COOL. You can learn about the history of aromatherapy and even design your own scent. We had a field day in the gift shop. So worth checking out!

“Change is opportunity in disguise. When everything around you starts to change, it’s an invitation to seize new opportunities you might not otherwise have had. In the rush to get things back to “normal”, it’s easy to miss those opportunity or to brush them aside. Instead, don’t be afraid to slow down, take stock and think about as many possibilities as you can and challenge every assumption.”
— Emi Kolawole


offered amazing street culture + art, beautiful beaches breathtaking architecture, the warmest people plus some of the best cuisine I have ever experienced! Also huge fan of their siesta/fiesta schedule. Pretty much you nap from 5-7pm so you can go at 10pm. Such an amazing city and I am already dreaming of going back.


Basilica of the Sagrada Familia-if you can only do one thing in Barcelona visit here. Unique + spectacular architecture

Freixenet- Best visual/historical explanation for Cava in the town. Followed by excellent tour around the labrynth of underground tunnels and a tasting with delicious tapas! 

Cava Sola Raventos Son + Pop owned winery! Such a special and personalized experience. Go visit + tell them I sent you. 

Arume. STILL DREAMING OF THIS PAELLA. There is a reason they have over 5k reviews on Trip Advisor. A must visit.

Sunset Jazz Cruise- Title says it all. Plus incredible crew and the cava is always chilled! Amazing way to spend your afternoon. My only complaint the two hours went by too fast!


Biggest tip for when traveling to Greece is go in off season. We went in October and enjoyed mild temps—70/75 and WAY less crowds. We loved the people, and the culture, this is a place where they live simply and move slowly. This was a happy change from our East coast lifestyle!

Sanotrini Recommendations: 

Petra Kouzina cooking class—DO THIS. SO WORTH IT. You prepare 5 courses of classic Greek cuisine in a stunning remodeled cave.

Oia- Did you even go to Santorini if you didn’t go to Oia? This was literally voted the best place to watch the sunset in the WORLD. It did not disappoint,


Mykonos beach hotel—so beautiful! Amazing food, they went above and beyond to ensure we had an incredible stay.

We rented an ATV which is not for the faint of the heart, but we had so much fun exploring the city this way. Offered some great views and we really felt like locals!

Captains -amazing view of the waterfront, staff that treats you like family, and their seafood platter was the stuff dreams are made of. Incredible establishment!

There you have it! A beautiful round up of some of my favorite European memories. Where is your next destination/ can I come?….