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Quiet the mind, open the heart, and rejuvenate the body with this combination of gentle and restorative yoga, breath awareness, meditation and essential oils. This class is designed to provide a sense of relaxation and release, supporting a return to balance and well-being. After our practice we learn from aromatherapy expert Cher Kore. Cher is the founder of Kamelon Healing Aromatherapy and has been using aromatherapy and teaching workshops for over two decades. Aromatherapy can help with a variety of physical and emotional issues. In this portion, we will focus on Boosting Mood, Skin Care, Hair Care, Air Freshening and Cooling Body Refreshment using the Aromatherapy Mister Method. Learn which essential oils are best for acne, sensitive skin, spots, wounds, and other minor skin imperfections; learn which essential oils are good for hair health, shine, and de-tangling; and learn which essential oils could freshen the air, open sinuses, or simply to help improve your mood with either relaxation and stimulation. Cher will bring about 100 different essential oils for you to try. We will be making a customized mister for each student to take home and enjoy. Write your recipe down so you can recreate it at home and can keeping refilling the same bottle reducing the impact on our environment.


Earlier Event: April 27
Later Event: July 17
Wellness Wednesday Yoga