Karuna O'Donnell

Co-owner of 4CornersYoga + Wellness 


Jaylee's leadership within yoga classes is peaceful, warm, caring and vital. She creates a sanctuary with her powerful, radiant presence and skillful, well paced instruction. Jaylee carries the qualities of her teaching practice into her interactions with each student and into her leadership in the larger community of wellbeing practitioners. Her willingness to do the essential work in making the yoga community a truly joyful, alive, inclusive and healing practice for all is an inspiration for each of us to see where we can do better, and do it.

Kayla S.


Jaylee's workshops are fun and challenging. She does an incredible job of nurturing students growth as well as encouraging community in class. 

Nessie Fernandez

Hands to Heart Center, Program Director

It is a joy to practice yoga with Jaylee. Through her teaching with Hands to Heart Center, her knowledge, passion and love of yoga is clearly evident. Students leave her class richer in knowledge and awareness.  She is a highly skilled, perceptive, and empathetic teacher with such a wonderful sense of humor!